Space | Port Creative Hub | Kyiv | Ukraine


During our visit to Kyiv, we were using this wonderful space.


Port Creative Hub – it is Art Management agency project of revitalization of ex-storage space.
Port Creative Hub has been created to become the base for cultural networking.
It is a space for creativity and communication. Unfortunately, in a post-Soviet era we have witnessed a lack of places that encourage cultural interaction between different groups within our community. Port Creative Hub facilitates collaboration between groups of people that can actually benefit from this networking.
Being a “creative” hub, Port is also a platform for communication between the creatives of the community. One of the goals is to advance and encourage communication through contemporary art. We encourage young contemporary artists to pursue their work within our space.
Today in Port Creative Hub takes place art exhibitions, lectures, presentations, workshops, movie demonstrations. Soon Port will become important platform for multidisciplinary exchange not only for Kyiv, but also for Ukrainian regions and international partners.


Historical reference:
The structure was built in 1968 to function as a warehouse for Food Supply Management Company  (UKRRICHFLOT). From here, the food was loaded onto ships and other water transportation.
In the 90s the space was purchased but continued to function as storage. Using art and creativity, in the summer of 2015, the revitalization process had begun.



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