Wandering workshop | El Jable | Lanzarote | MAR23

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n’UNDO Wandering workshop | Walking el Jable | Lanzarote | July 16-21, 2018


The stream of el Jable that forms on the island of Lanzarote, the flying sands, resembles a river of sand, in certain places with more than 5 km in width, that enters by the beach of Famara and crosses the entire island, from coast to coast, until it arrives into the coast of Playa Honda.

n’UNDO proposes a wandering workshop that researches, analyzes and proposes in the territory, exploring its limits and the relationships that are established between them. Subtraction and Not doing are proposed as tools in the diffuse edges, which configure the landscape of the island, and connecting the urban with the natural, the maritime with the terrestrial, the rustic with the humanized, valuing the impacts at tourism, environment, economy and culture.

To improve the environment of the population that inhabits Lanzarote from interventions in the city and territory based on Subtraction and Non-Construction. To open research lines / actions based on the efficient management of the territory and its resources, in accordance with its potential and its development objectives. To generate defined and viable proposals. Analysis, debate, criticism, proposal and action.

Theorical – practical Workshop

  • theoretical expositions, conferences
  • field work (walking, drawing, writing)
  • dynamics of debate and reflection
  • project process exercise
  • visualization, actions.

The workshop will follow n’UNDO intervention methodology which is composed of the following phases:

  • Identification of the study area: identifying and defining the scope.
  • Participatory analysis: identifying problems and opportunities in the field of study, from the walk and with the contribution of the inhabitants and visitors of the place.
  • Diagnosis: deepening the analysis of the current state and interpreting its problems and opportunities to transform them into proposals.
  • Proposals: based on analysis and diagnosis. All the proposals will araise from the four modes of action n’UNDO: no construction, minimization, reuse and dismantling.
  • Strategy: based on the proposals, the action strategy will be defined, pointing to the main intervention lines.
  • Intervention: specifying the proposals to enable their execution, and planning them to ensure their correct development.

The results obtained from the workshop will be presented and collected in a publication. These results, far from being closure, will be understood as a starting point for future proposals, and as such will be presented.

Addressed to
Students and professionals related to territorial intervention, the environment, as well as all those people who feel challenged. Multidisciplinary profile.

July 16-21, 2018

520 € (including accommodation, breakfast and lunch)

Registration at info@nUNDO.org
1st registration period: April 2 – April 30, 2018 | From Subtraction book as a gift
2nd registration period: April 30, 2018 – June 4, 2018

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